Brigitte Essl

European MD, MA Counseling Psychology, DC


Clinical Applications of Systemic Family Constellation Work 

A One-Year Training for Healthcare Professionals

The training is open to healthcare professionals who meet the following three requirements:

(a) you are in clinical practice or work in a health institution, and
(b) you have some experience in working with groups, and
(c) you have experienced your own family-of-origin-constellation.

Successful completion of the training will provide the skills to facilitate constellations in your practice. You can expect to acquire a fundamental understanding of the theory, experience your own and other participants’ constellation, gain a perspective on your own family system, recognize multigenerational entanglements, and develop the skills for balanced solutions.

Training: 120 hours (basic) plus up to 42 hours (optional for 3 supervision weekends).

Meeting Dates TBA

Introduction to the core assumptions of SFC - theory of the in-forming field - constellation patterns and basic interventions - entering stillness - witnessing and intuition.

Parents and children - belonging (family of origin, present family) - early death and exclusion of parents, siblings, or children – honoring - the broken bond: how to work with abuse in the family.

Couple relationships - gender roles revisited - the importance of former partners - invisible loyalties to the opposite gender parent - separation and divorce.

Illness and multigenerational traumas - patterns of entanglement in disorders (anxiety, eating, addictions, depression, chronic and terminal illness) - case studies.

Crimes, war atrocities - the root of fatal entanglements – victim/perpetrator incidents - psychosis and suicide in family systems.

Constellations in one-on-one settings - decision constellations - loose ends and summary.

3 Supervision weekends (optional).
These workshops provide an opportunity for participants to bring their challenging cases and to observe their patients’ constellations with Dr. Essl, with an in-depth analysis of each constellation at the end of the day. Open to 6 constellations per weekend.

For registration, fees, and administrative information please contact the program coordinator
Dr. Wautischer

About Dr. Essl

Medical School University of Vienna, Austria (MD, 1988)
Graduate studies in female psychosomatics and symptom-centered analytical brief therapy.
Pacifica Graduate Institute (MA Counseling Psychology, 1991)
MA thesis on Psychosomatic Effects of Sexual Abuse.
Post graduate training in Classical Homeopathy for Medical Doctors – Austria.
Gabrielle Borkan Institute (Training for Systemic Family Constellation Work)
Life Chiropractic College West (DC, 2001)

Clinical Work
3 years residency in General and Family Medicine.
2 years hospital affiliated multi-disciplinary psychological/medical crisis intervention.

Clinical Practice
2001 – current: Private practice in Mill Valley, CA. Homeopathy, functional medicine, body-oriented trauma therapy, and clinical emphasis in utilizing SFC for children and adults with chronic health issues.

Recent Publications and Participation in Conferences
“The Healing Dimension of Grenzerfahrung in Trauma Recovery,” Existenz: An International Journal in Philosophy, Religion, Politics, and the Arts, 2008, Vol. 3, No. 2, online.

“Therapeutic Application of Family Constellation Work for Chronic Illness,” The Knowing Field, 2006, Vol. 7, pp. 5-9. Access pdf file here.

Toward a Science of Consciousness 2006, April 4-9, 2006, Tucson, Arizona: “Systemic Family Constellation Work in Clinical Perspective: Multigenerational Consciousness Fields Linked to Illness Formation.”

First U.S. Systemic Constellation Conference, October 6-10, 2005, Portland, Oregon: “Therapeutic Application of Family Constellation Work for Chronic Illness.”

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Besides the introductory reading list, look also at this literature list of clinically relevant publications.


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